Meeting Sundays | 10:15am | 221 North Railway Street | Medicine Hat, AB

Vision & Values





Grasslands Church exists to help people experience abundant life by FINDING GOD, FORMING HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS and FULFILLING THEIR POTENTIAL.

Our vision is to be a reproducing regional church in which unchurched people are being led to faith in Jesus and growing disciples are reaching their full potential in God’s redemptive plan.



Grace – Grace is the primary governor of all our relationships. It is the foundation of our relationship with God and we therefore strive to have it overflow into every aspect of all other relationships that we cultivate. We do not judge others for their hurts or habits. We accept everyone right where they are, just as Jesus accepted us.

Authenticity – Life is too short to pretend we are something that we are not. We live lives that are open, honest and transparent. Authenticity is a key component to having healthy relationships with God, with one another and with those not yet in God’s family.

Unity – In John 17 Jesus prayed that His church would be one; unified in spirit, just as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one. It is our desire to not only be unified as a local body of Jesus-followers, but also to be unified with others in our community who are serving God with their lives and also with those in our Canadian fellowship of churches.

Growth – Healthy living things grow. The status quo is not a satisfactory place to be. Although, by grace, we accept everyone as they are, we love them too much to leave them there. Everything we do is intended to help us move forward in our spiritual journey.

Engagement – God has a mission (a purpose) for each of our lives. We view the church as an essential part of equipping Jesus-followers to fulfill their potential doing the work for which they were designed. It is our goal to bring together our collective gifts, talents and experiences to help more people find God.

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