Meeting Sundays | 10:15am | 221 North Railway Street | Medicine Hat, AB


We understand that being new at church can be stressful and awkward.

The upside to being new at Grasslands is that you can be certain we all understand how you feel. Since our church is a relatively new church, most people hanging out with us on Sunday mornings are relatively new. Add the fact that we have new people checking us out almost every Sunday morning, and you will be in good company.

Our church family is made up of many people from a variety of backgrounds, all honestly trying to connect with God in a meaningful way. We don’t pretend to be perfect and we hope that you will see that you can relax and be yourself. Whether you have a deep church background or are exploring God for the first time in your life, we are confident that you will feel that you can fit in easily.

What To Expect

Our services begin at 10:15am and run until about 11:45am. The atmosphere and the dress code are both casual. Our house band will usually play a few songs that you can sing along to if you are comfortable with that, or you can just sit back and listen.

The teaching is intended to be grasped by just about anyone who is attending,regardless of whether you have a church background or not.

At the conclusion of the teaching time, we designate 20-30 minutes for group discussion, coffee and snacks. There is an opportunity for those who would like to engage in group discussion to participate in a “round-table talk” with one of our leaders, asking questions or further discussing the teaching. Or, if you would prefer, grab a treat and a beverage and meet someone new.

If you are new you will definitely NOT be asked to stand up or raise your hand or do the hokey-pokey or anything else that might embarass you. But if you wish to do the hokey-pokey, feel free to turn yourself around.

Frequently Asked Questions