Meeting Sundays | 10:15am | 221 North Railway Street | Medicine Hat, AB

Frequently Asked Questions


Where is your church?

Grasslands Church isn't a place. It's a family. We meet at 10:15am on Sunday mornings at the Summit Centre (221 North Railway Street, Medicine Hat). We have smaller gatherings throughout the week in one another's homes as well as groups that meet on Sunday evenings at our staff office. The office where our staff and volunteers work between Sundays is located on 3rd Street in Downtown Medicine Hat.


What is your denomination?

Grasslands is a nondenominational church. We are voluntarily members of the Charis Fellowship and Grace Fellowship Canada. Both of these organizations are part of the international Charis Alliance. These associations provide us with great relationships and resources to help us accomplish the mission God has called us to here in Medicine Hat. Otherwise, we are an independent church with our own board of directors who provide the direction and leadership of our church family.

Do you need directions for Sunday?

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What do you have for my kids?

On Sunday mornings we have an amazing program for K-5 called Trailblazers. It is a high energy program with lots of creativity and tons of fun. For those with infants and preschoolers, we have a program called Explorers where you can check them in and allow our qualified, trained staff take care of them while you attend the service.


Will you ask for money?

Grasslanders love to support the work God is doing through our church. But we NEVER expect money from new people or those just exploring. When and how you choose to give back to God is totally up to you. There is an offering box in the lobby of the Summit for offerings. There are also online options for those who prefer to donate electronically.

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How long is the service?

A typical Sunday morning service would run about 60-70 minutes, with a half hour of discussion and fellowship time that follows.


What should I wear?

We have no formal dress code. We want you to be comfortable. Most people dress in jeans or dressy-casual.